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A look at platinum

December 2, 2002 SA Golds 0

The gold bull market started on the 3rd April last year, after gold was fixed at $256 on the day before to make a double […]

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The economy and gold

October 21, 2002 SA Golds 0

It has long been clear to interested observers that the gold price has displayed some very anomalous behaviour since the mid 1990’s. Evidence eventually surfaced […]

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Switzerland and gold

September 30, 2002 SA Golds 0

From May 1997 through to October 1997 financial turbulence in South East Asia brought a great deal of nervousness to global markets and – as […]

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Golds Doing Fine

March 27, 2002 SA Golds 0

The pullback/dip we looked for in early March followed by a push behaved itself perfectly and now traders are sitting sweating and wondering whether they […]