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The Chinese Factor

September 29, 2003 SA Golds 0

Late in September of 1999 the bullion market was turned into turmoil by the news that the European central banks had used the IMF/World bank […]

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A Long Term View of Gold

April 22, 2003 SA Golds 0

Last week the discussion of the valuation of gold mines ended with the possibility that the prices of marginal, unhedged mines with extensive reserves that […]

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Mining On The Internet

March 31, 2003 SA Golds 0

The internet is a wondrous thing; a rich deposit that sits there waiting to be mined by those people who have recognised there are nuggets […]

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So is the gold bull over?

March 24, 2003 SA Golds 0

Last week’s commentary ended with the statement, “The high volatility in the gold market may well continue this week, but odds favour that it will […]