Kalyan Jewellery: India’s Largest Jewellery Store Chain

When it comes to gold jewellery, we cannot simply ignore India. This Asian country is one of the worldwide leaders in the segment, demanding a big share of the global production in order to fulfil the culture-based needs.

In this sector, Kalyan Jewellers has become one of the leading gold companies selling gold jewellery. Fuelled by the Indian gold fever in the south and the right business decisions, this store chain has experienced outstanding growth during the last few years.

If you are interested in this remarkable industry, it may be a good idea to know the biggest players. Without a doubt, Kalyan Jewellers is one of them.

A Brief History

Everything began with TS Kalyanaraman, current Chairman and Managing Director who is also the founder of Kalyan Jewellers. Coming from an entrepreneur family with decades of experience in business, he started working at his father’s textile company by the age of 12.
With time, he replaced his father as the leader of the company and managed it for a few years before getting in the jewellery business. With a Rs 75 lakh investment, Kalyanaraman started Kalyan Jewellers in 1993.

The idea of founding a jewellery business was born due to the increasing interest of the textile business’ own customers. But the format chosen for Kalyan Jewellers was different to other retailers in India. Kalyanamaran decided to open a big store with ample showrooms, like the ones used for textile products. He also added comfortable facilities with air conditioner, parking, and bathrooms, enhancing the experience for top-notch clients, looking for the best.

During the first year, the business enjoyed a remarkable boom, achieving successful numbers in sales and profitability. The first step then was to expand the jewellery line by including diamonds, silver, and traditional models. With the second year’s results, it was clear that Kalyan Jewellers needed to open more stores in South India.


Right now, Kalyan Jewellers have ten exclusive brands in high-end jewellery. These brands are:

  • Mudhra: Antique designing.
  • Tejasvi: Polki traditional designing.
  • Glo: Modern, fresh designing.
  • Sankalp: Bridal traditions.
  • Eternal: Indian traditions.
  • Antara: Heavy use of diamonds.
  • Nimah: Religious traditional designing.
  • Rang: Heavy use of radiant gemstones.
  • Hera: Luxurious practical designing for the everyday.
  • Anokhi: Exquisite diamond designing.

Gold Company’s Status

Kalyan Jewellers have 79 showrooms in India while the chain continues to expand both nationally and internationally. Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar are among the biggest interests for the company.

One proof of the company’s success is the recent Bloomberg valuation of Kalyan Jewellers, reporting a $1 billion value by 2013. Beside this, we can see how large funds have a burning interest in investing their money in the chain. For example, Global Private Equity Fund Warburg Pincus invested $200 million in the company a few years ago.